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Product name: XPR1-3000 Series intelligence motor soft starter
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XPR1-3000 Series intelligence motor soft starter

Main Characteristics:
The performance and quality are as excellence as the best products imported from abroad and are more higher than the normal products in our country.
XIPU soft starter is a good new product replace the normal ones made in China or ones imported from abroad.
The functions and performance are designed meticulously and tested strictly.
The parameter set simply,the operation is easy,XIPU soft starter likes a User-friendly camera.
Can ensure the beststarting performance at any state,normally speaking,it is no need to start again if the loading has some change.
Long service life and reliable operation because of the high quality and Electricity-Magnetism Compatibility.

Main function:
The function as a intelligence soft starter.
The function as a motor protector.
Programmable electricity-relay output function:Programmable sequential output function.Programmable state-pilot function.
Other functions:The functions as digital Ampere meter,Volt meter,and Dynamometer.Keep the fault info(will not lose even out of electricity).Starting time keeping,number of starting times statistics.Operation state keeping,and can recovery function set when in electricity again after out of electricity.0-20mA real-time current output function.Be matched with RS232 and RS485 communication interface.Starting time-delay0-999s,starting interval time-delay0-999s,programmable output time-delay0-999s).

1.Principle Introduction
2.Product Packaging and Code Explanation
3.Main function and performance data
4.Scope of application and using conditions
5.Shape and installation dimensions
6.Starting mode explanation
7.Special application
8.Chinese-display man-machine interface