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Product name: XP-3000 Series Home information Connection Box
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XP-3000 Series Home information Connection Box

Introduction to product:
    Home is the most important space in our life,as the signaling times coming,our life style and working habit are changed,then we are wishing home intelligence.
    To realize home intelligence,the first we should build the basic installation of home connection.For that,we push out XP-3000 type Home information Connection Box.Intelligence home includes modern building technique,communication technique,computer network technique and intelligence control technique.
    Home connection system has realized family automation,communication automation,control and management automation,and entertainment automation.
Work-in-home:phone/fax/viewing phone/broadband
Home entertainment:line TV/internet game/shopping on line/remote education/satellite TV
Home safety:alarm safety/fire,coal gas lost alarm/urgent button/remote guarding/viewing talk-back guard/closed loop control/all-in-one-net
Home management:lighting/family equipments remote control/water,electricity and gas three meters copy and receive.

This system is according with the following standards:
TIA/EIA570-A North American Home Connection Standard
CEBUS International Home Electron System Mainline Control Standard
CECS119:2000 The Project Design Rule of City Extra Building Unified Connection System.
Q/XP001-2002 Enterprise Standard of ZheJiang XIPU Electrical CO.,LTD

The Characteristics:
The residential weak-electricity lines,such as phone line/line TV wire/computer network line are made a reasonable design and unity management before mounting the house.
It is complied with the standards of international home wires connection and the rule of national home design.
Be matched with all kinds of modules,having several types of internal disposition,can meet diffetent requirement of customers.
Simple operation,the standardized socket interface,make the easy installation and good maintenance.

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