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Product name: IPC Series elnsulation Piercing Connectors
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IPC Series elnsulation Piercing Connectors
Main Characteristics:
There is no need to peel the insulation surface of the cable and it can be used directly as the cable branch the connector lug is totally insulated.
Can be connected to be anyplace of the cable,it is no need to cut down the main cable.
The connector lug is twist proof,quakeproof,waterproof,aging proof,without maintenance.
The installation is quite easy and reliable,you only need one spanner and can install when it still has power.
The installing space is very small,it can save the cost of construction.
It doesn't need the cable terminal case,etc,that can save the investment in the cable.
The cost of cable and connector is far less than bus way power supply system.
It has been used successfully in worldwide for 29 years.
Totally insulative shell,the power of the insulation can be 6KV.
The resistance of the electric contact is very small ,the over-shock current can to be 15KV.
It fits for the connection between copper (aluminum) or between copper and aluminum.
Moment bolt is used under fixed piercing pressure that can ensure very good electric contact.
It is sealed,waterproof,corrosion-proof and can lengthen the service life of insulating lead and connector.
It fits for the connection between all different diameter leads,
    French Standard C33 020,International GB2317-2000.
Typical usage:
Low-voltage insulating trolley wire:
   The connect between low-voltage insulating wires
   The "T" contact of low-voltage insulating in-door wires
   The contact between branch line and mainline in building electric system.
low-voltage earth wire:
   The contact between branch line and mainline in building electric system streetlight source connects.

1.Main Characteristics
3.Typical usage
4.The general of the internal connector
5.Reliable Quality
6.Simple and convenient installing