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Product name: XPQ5 Series double-power automatic transfer switch
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XPQ5 Series double-power automatic transfer switch

principle Introduction:
    XPQ5 series automatic transfer switch (A.T.S)suits for the transfer between two powers(primary power and secondary power),whose rated voltage is beneath 600V(AC),control voltage is under AC 220V.
    It is the new product put to the market by Zhejiang xipu Electrical CO.,LTD,to replace the conventional Switch which made up of AC contactor and circuit breaker,and widely used in hospitals,hotels,markets,post and telecommunications,fire,high building,industrial assembly line,etc.
    XIPU A.T.S switch is according with the standards of IEC947-6-1,GB14048.1,and GB14.48.2

Features and characteristics:
Excitation type electromagnteism driving,direct current pulse operation,transfer fast,the coil will not give out heat and cause noise,can save the energy.
Two operation modes:power-operated and hand-operated.
Having electric interlocker and mechanical interlocker,this can ensure two powers not be electrified at the same time.
Big-size contacts have steady and reliable electric conductivity.
Good are extinguishing feature can make the switch be operated even it is in power.

1.Principle Introduction
2.Technical parameter and Using Conditions
4.Shape and Installation Dimensions
5.Control Terminals Explanation
6.Applicable examples